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My Venice Collection: pendant, ring and earrings as tribute to my city

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Boncompagni Valeria - Venice Colletcion Handmade jewelry

Venice Jewelry Collection: Venezia earrings, ring and pendant for necklace

For those of you who know me, it is not a novelty that Venice is a daily source of inspiration for me. In my boutique and workshop in Piazza San Marco, the wooden desk where I shape and carve wax to create unique jewelry, is placed in a position that, whenever I raise my eyes and look outside, I can see the Basilica and part of the Doges Palace.

The latter has become almost an obsession, with its shapes and geometries that keep showing up in my mind and that I -perhaps subconsciously- keep recreating under the form of jewels. I do not know if it depends from the soft pastel colors of the marble lozenges or from the way the light that shines through the quatrefoils plays with the architecture, but I am constantly drawn towards this building.

Venice Jewelry Collection: Venezia earrings, ring and pendant for necklace

This is so true that I dedicated to Palazzo Ducale more than one piece and more than one design, and today I wish to introduce you my Venezia set composed of ring, earrings and pendant, in yellow gold and red diamonds or blue sapphires. Emulating the columns of the Doge's Palace, topped by their iconic quatrefoils, I maintained a sober elegance, creating timeless designs that add light and infinite charm even with their small size.

Venezia earrings - Venice Collection earrings - Gold and diamonds
Venezia ring - Venice Collection ring - Handmade in Venice Italy

To put it with Mary Shelley's words: “There is something so different in Venice from any other place in the world, that you leave at once all accustomed habits and, everyday sights to enter an enchanted garden.” This is how I feel every single day, grateful to be able to leave aside all my worries and thoughts simply by looking at such a majestic view, and this is the feeling I wish to share, by creating an emotion to wear, allowing the woman who chooses them to feel even more beautiful, elegant and strong than what she already is.

Venice Jewelry Collection: Venezia earrings, ring and pendant for necklace

To end this post, I will quote another great poet who lived in Venice for a short period of time but had definitely been able to feel Her, this is -of course- Lord Byron:

“She looks a sea Cybele, fresh from ocean,

Rising with her tiara of proud towers

At airy distance, with majestic motion,

A ruler of the waters and their powers.

And such she was; her daughters had their dowers

From spoils of nations, and the exhaustless East

Poured in her lap all gems in sparkling showers.

In purple was she robed, and of her feast

Monarchs partook, and deemed their dignity increased.”

extract from Child Harold’s Pilgrimage

Venezia Pendant for necklace - Venice Pendant - handmade in Venice Italy
Venezia earrings - Venice Earrings - jewelry handmade in Venice

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