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Jewelry-making workshop, Venice


Get familiar with the ancient technique of lost-wax and start shaping your own jewel in the heart of Venice


Private One-to-One Jewellery Crafting Lessons in the heart of Venice.

Lost-wax is an ancient technique which consists in creating a wax object to be inserted into a mould. The wax then is melted leaving the space to cast the metal and reproduce the object.

While creating the jewel the wax remains malleable, so that it can be shaped, the grooves can be deepened, the interlacing can be created and actual miniature sculptures rich in details can be made.

Students will get familiar with this technique and learn how to design a jewel from scratch.
A unique, full-immersive and hands-on experience in Piazza San Marco.

The workshop is available for children (from 10 y.o) and adults.

Daily Workshop
Duration: 1 lesson that lasts 90 minutes

Cost: 150,00 eu.
Ideal for those who are in Venice only for a short time but still want to take the opportunity to familiarise with this technique in a unique context.

Lost-Wax In-Depth Workshop
Duration: 6 lessons, each lesson is 60 minutes
Cost: 450,00 eu.
This workshop is suitable for absolute beginners. It is ideal for those who want to gain practice with lost-wax and learn to develop a personal project.

venice workshop artisan experience
Jewellery Shop in Venice Italy - Saint Mark's Square
venice workshop artisan experience

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130 Piazza San Marco,
30124 - Venezia

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