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Valeria Boncompagni - Shaping Dreams in Piazza San Marco
Venice, Italy


Designing and shaping wearable emotions in the form of jewellery with the ancient technique of lost wax
Piazza San Marco
Venice - Italy

About Me
Valeria Boncompagni - Jeweller in Venice

My name is Valeria Sacchi and I was born in Milan, but I moved to Venice as soon as I finished high school to follow my dreams. My grandfather had started an antiquities boutique in Piazza San Marco in the 1920s, which was eventually transformed into a jewellery shop by my mother. Here I had the fortune to get acquainted with precious stones and metals and had the opportunity to meet lots of incredibly talented goldsmiths, designers and jewellers, and here I also had the luck of learning the craft of the trade, which was inspired by my many travels and the wonderful people I met around the world. 

It was thanks to my artistic studies and after having been introduced to the craft of lost-wax that I found the courage to create my own jewels, then, certain signs were telling me that the time to showcase and propose them inside my shop had arrived. 
Being rather sensitive, I shape my creations when triggered by an emotion and feeling, in fact each piece of the collection has its unique story and is linked to my family and close relations or dedicated to Venice, the city I adore the most in the world.


I live at only ten minutes from my boutique, thus Piazza San Marco is my home. Every day I fall in love with the Palazzo dei Dogi and the Basilica and my work is inspired by the delicate and elegant ornaments of the architecture and by softness of the light and the sound of the water.

Meeting international and national people in this setting is something I feel grateful for each day and I look forward to meeting you too here. Last but not least, for me it is incredibly important to pass my knowledge to the younger generations and during the school year, with my wooden work desk I go from school to school to teach the kids the importance of using their hands and their creativity. It is such a magical experience to see their eyes illuminate and their happiness and feeling of reward when they create something of their own that I will never give it up.

Please, don't hesitate to contact me for any further enquiry you may have by writing an email to .

Jewellery in Piazza San Marco - Made in Venice - Venezia Artisan

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