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Salone dell' Alto Artigianato Italiano

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

This event was of immense significance, it exemplified the culmination of my lifelong passion for craftsmanship, the preservation of tradition, and the seamless transition of knowledge to the next generation.

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The Salone dell'Artigianato is a celebration of the finest artisans and craftsmen from around the world. For me the event became all the more meaningful as it was held at the Arsenale di Veneza.

This centuries-old shipyard, known for its iconic naval legacy, holds the secrets of the Serenissima Republic's maritime power.

Immersed in the timeless beauty of the city's canals, the Arsenale is a living testament to the genius of Venetian engineering and craftsmanship. Stepping foot in this monumental site, one can't help but feel a profound sense of connection to the past, a resonance with the countless artisans and laborers who once toiled here.

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My booth at the Salone was an embodiment of the union of artistry and tradition.

I am proud to count myself as one of the keepers of the lost wax tradition, an ancient method of crafting not only exquisite jewelry but also intricate sculptures.

Working the wax is an art form in itself. The delicate process of sculpting intricate designs with molten wax requires a steady hand, a keen eye, and a deep understanding of this age-old technique.

Throughout the day, visitors to our booth were fascinated by the intricate details of my work, as well as the fusion of tradition and innovation. Many were unaware of the lost wax technique, and they left with a newfound appreciation for the artistry behind my creations. We engaged in conversations with art enthusiasts, sharing the story of my dedication to this ancient tradition, which has been passed down through generations.

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But the most heartwarming moment came when my kids, with their young and vibrant spirits, started demonstrating the lost wax process to a group of curious children who had wandered into our booth. Their faces lit up as they watched the transformation of wax into intricate sculptures.

In that very moment, I realized that the tradition I hold dear is not only being preserved but is also being passed on to the new generation, bridging the gap between the old and the new.

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As the day at Salone dell'Artigianato came to a close, I felt a profound sense of accomplishment and gratitude. This beautiful craft, its connection to history, and my commitment to preserving the lost wax tradition were celebrated today.

My children have shown that they are eager to carry forward this beautiful tradition, proving that it can withstand the test of time.

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Leaving the workday at the Arsenale, with its rich and bustling history, I could't help but appreciate the unique blend of the past and the present that this place embodies.

Today the Arsenale t has once again come to life with the Salone dell'Artigianato.

The sound of all of us, artisans at work, the vibrant colors of our creations, and the energy of creativity fill the air, reminding me that tradition and innovation can coexist.

As I made my way towards the waterfront, the sunset took on a spectacular hue, with the sun casting a fiery red and bright glow over the city. Venice's iconic canals are now a breathtaking reflection of this magnificent display, and the water shimmers with an ethereal beauty.

The Arsenale, with its legacy of maritime excellence and the Salone dell'Artigianato, represents the enduring spirit of creativity and artistry that has been a part of Venice for centuries. As the sun descends into the waters of Venice, I couldn't help but feel a deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of history and culture that my city continues to weave.


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