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New Collaboration between Boncompagni Valeria and Curame Leather Goods

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

A city like Venice calls for arts and crafts. There are so many great artists, artisans, designers and makers in the lagoon, all engaged in different forms of art, that I cannot help but remain positively impressed. Also, one of the characteristics that is making me even more proud is that of the new generation of creatives, at least 8 out of 10 are young women!

Boncompagni Valeria - Jeweler in Piazza San Marco - Venice, Venezia

I have always strongly believed in the power of mutual support and in artistic collaborations, therefore, having the fortune of being now an established artist with many years of experience and my own boutique and workshop in Piazza San Marco, I feel I have the duty to help younger creatives spread their voice and offer them to showcase their talent in my shop, right in the heart of the floating city.

No matter how many transformations and faces Piazza San Marco can wear, it will always remain the reference point for all Venetians. My boutique may be small, but I want it to be warm and welcoming, a sort of hotbed of new artists. It is only through sharing our skills that we can grow and it is only through collaboration and reciprocal help that we can learn new things, often unexpected and surprising.

Boncompagni Valeria - jeweler in Venice Italy

So, to inaugurate my new project, I have invited a young woman called Shanti Ganesha, who has a beautiful shop in Campo santa Maria Formosa. Her brand is called Curame Leather Goods and Shanti is a true expert in working quality leather, with which she creates the most beautiful things, from bags to folders, plant hangers, belts, purses and more.

Boncompagni Valeria - Jeweler in San Marco - Venice Venezia
Boncompagni Valeria - Jeweler in San Marco - Venice Venezia

We got on at first glance, so I asked her if she would have liked to come to my boutique for a collaboration and to make something together. Our first piece, already available, is a leather purse with the addition of a pendant in the shape of a pomegranate, created through the lost wax technique. The pendant can be also used for a necklace.

quality shopping venice italy - artisan

The purse comes in two shades of brown: chocolate and beige, whereas for the pendant I chose to insert a pomegranate for its symbolism, linked to fertility and love, but mostly because in Venice the flower of pomegranate is the iconographic symbol of the Immaculate, considered the patron saint of young female artists, in fact it was not by chance that the young female musicians in the church of la Pietà used to wear a pomegranate flower in their hair.

quality shopping Venice Italy - artigianato venezia
quality shopping Venice Italy - artigianato venezia

I am delighted of this first meeting and collaboration and I am so grateful to have met a beautiful and skilled artist like Shanti, so much that I can't wait to see what new projects we will develop together. I wish to invite you to visit my boutique and her workshop too, and I want to end this post by reminding everyone that we must help and support one another.

Boncompagni Valeria - Jeweler in San Marco - Venice Venezia

Please, do not hesitate to contact me for further enquiries.

Boncompagni Valeria Address: Piazza San Marco 130, 30124 venezia (VE) Phone: +39 041 309 7767 Email:


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